Artists in Education Program

Purpose: To support the creation and production of new work aimed at young people and projects that link artists and learners of all ages and provide artistic opportunities within and outside the educational institution setting.
To fund professional development events for groups of artists and educators as well as to develop increased audiences of all ages for, and public awareness of the value of the arts.

Drawing and Writing Workshop (grades 6 & 7)

Cardiff Elementary Public School

Cardiff, Ontario, Canada

In conjunction with Michael Robinson's River Run Exhibition, Rail's End Gallery Haliburton, Ontario, Canada.

The student explores the idea of storytelling through the written word and illustrations. The key word they chose to begin there project was "Freedom". A word that is often repeated in the work of Michael Robinson. The pupils then applied their own concept of "freedom". The definition of freedom varied from global concerns to personal conflicts within their own lives.

During the visit to the River Run Exhibition at Rail's End Gallery, the children made a 40 x 60 collage of the drawings and writings that were created during the workshop.

The piece now adorns the hall of Cardiff Elementary Public School.