Birth of Dreamtime
Etching, 11" x 16"

The Birth of Dreamtime

The reality of dreamtime is a description of choices. It is the knowledge and ability to discover that more than just our world exists-there is more than one road on which to travel. It is the ability to enter a place and time between any two realities and maintain balance and calmness as you look back and forth between two.

The responsibility of a dreamer is to apply the same stewardship to new frontiers as they would the world they live in.

The birth of dreamtime began humankind's journey into a world away from the perpetually dark smoky fires that they had clung to. Fear became a companion, not an enemy.

Freedom is what we all seemingly seek, yet, paradoxically, freedom alone is what we fear the most-a state with no securities, boundaries, or rules. Within a monophasic existence, living in only the perceived "real" world, freedom is slavery. To journey beyond the illusionary boundaries of our everyday waking reality, is to embrace a sacred knowledge with a renewed clarity. This awareness is freedom, wings for the heart and spirit.