First Day of History
etching, 16" x 8"

The First Day of History

The river of History swirls
and peaks
cresting in huge roaster tails
then nose diving,
crashing down,
racing through hidden troughs,
surging forward into calmer pools
only to be drawn again
and again
into the fury of its passing.

Like an endless silver grey road
with no start or finish,
the river is a journey
through an canyon of windows,
passing the hollow eyes
of ghosts that line the shores,
waiting to cross.

Suddenly a giant serpent
rises up
and skims across the changing surface,
ignoring the travelers presence.
The great snake challenges the river
to a race.
Both refuse to accept defeat
and soon became blinded by their speed.

The racers are masters of life
but slaves of destiny,
They are my strength
of every pull of the paddle
of every effort to obey
the rivers' whims
and changing temperament.

History does not demand
that we choose our speed
only the direction
we travel.

The river decides the rest.