History"s Journey Into Night
etching, 16" x 20"

History's Journey into Night

I listen in the silent night
to the silent storm of black and white
Its massive serpents head
crowned against the sky.
Its horns are eagles,
wings on high.

Its glistening eyes, forbidding sleep
for those who wish to crawl away
and hide
and miss the chance of an Eagles ride
far above the soul and fire light.

Towards a borrowed dawn
that neither gives or takes,
or forgives the sins
of greed's mistakes.
A brief chance to leave
this ancient place
that lies dried and marked
like old footprints in the sand
that wander without heart
or eyes, or a strangers stand.
That long ago dream
of a dreamless snake

The million doors
that the future bore_
only one is left.
All the rest are sold
and the sun is almost set
into this silent night.