Birth of Dreamtime: The Sound of Silence
etching, 10" x 16"

Birth of Dreamtime: The Sound of Silence

The world began,
born from a black storm.
Its' song, screamed out of the
long night,
challenging the first light of day
to a battle
that would be fought for eternity.
Warriors, still unborn
groped frantically, in a raging sea
of winds and rains
for their spears and shields.
They would soon learn
that fear was their best armour
against an invisible foe.

Suddenly the storm ended
as the song ended.
Night came quickly
and erased the damage
the song created.
The broken limbs
and swollen creeks
slowly disappeared
into a strangers' memory…
taking with them
the songs that were used
to create storms
and a part of Historys past
before storms erased
the mistakes singers made.

Leaving silence
as the only sound
I can hear.