Michipeshu Looking for Ghosts
etching, 16" x 20"

Michipeshu Looking for Ghosts

I told the stranger
not to cross the Lake.
I knew that in a very short time
the Lake would be rough
and not allow anyone to pass.
He smiled a big smile
and touched my arm,
inviting me
to return to my fire.
In a loud voice,
he announced
it was time to leave,
as he led
his family down to their boats. With great ceremony
and laughter,
they left.
They were never seen again.

I told the man in black
to wait till morning,
to leave for the next village.
The trail was dark,
with many rocks and holes.
He patted my arm
as though I was a child.
"God will show me the way"
he said with great conviction. Then he left.
He was never seen again.

I touched the blindman's arm
and asked if I could help.
He jumped back
as though my hand
burned his arm.
In a loud voice
he told me
that even though he was blind,
he could see
more than me.
He then lifted his head
and sniffed the air.
"You smell", he added,
"besides I do not want
to go anywhere!"
He lay down and went to sleep.
I noticed that was all
he ever did.