Art Gallery of Northumberland

November 17, 2007 to January 5, 2008

 Michael Robinson:
Great Canadian. Highway

  The early Canadian fur trade and its impact on the land and its people is the subject of this wonderful upcoming exhibition. A gifted story teller and poet. Michael's paintings, drawings and etchings make a rich and textured experience for the viewer. Reaching back to the time of the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company the works are rich in the detailed landscape of northern Ontario.

  Along with the story of time and its impact on the land and its occupants, Michael's inspiration for his art is drawn from his spiritual beliefs. Making people aware of the world around them be believes is the only hope for the future. He also sees as so many a need for global balance. It a important that we see the Earth as living entity, only then can we understand where we fit.

Join us at the opening Reception on Saturday. November 17 when Michael will be present.

The Mandate of the AGN is to promote and provide access to art and related programs as a Community gallery for the enjoyment and education of the people of Northumberland.